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This is a view of half the playroom. I was bored so I dragged all the toys to one side to photograph them.

A close up of the left side-cubbies have:a few random toys, bin of balls, pirate chest, a wood car, bin of bean bags, pink drum, empty basket, board puzzles, bin of tegu blocks, xylophone. To the right is a few larger puzzles, latch board, and gear board. Then the 3-drawer holds: puzzles in pencil pouches, miscellaneous, baby rattles. Then 4 large stacked totes are: duplos, blocks, train, dress-ups. Then dollhouse, and 2 bean bag chairs on top of wooden rocking boat. The 2 flat storage bins are kept in the playroom as boats/cribs/beds/open-ended toys.

Rocking chair, with basket of stuffies above it. Playhut, cradle inside. Cradle has 6 Disney princess dolls. Kitchen, and bouncy horse. There's an easel that's not in the picture.

I'm glad you posted this, because I've been looking for somewhere to post my pictures! Almost everything in the cubby I've been thinking about putting away. Leaveing out only the blocks, train, dress-ups, rocking boat, stuffies, playhut, horse and kitchen. They also have two strollers and a shopping cart that were being used when I took the pictures. I've worked SO HARD to get it down to this point but now... it still looks overwhelming. There's a closet full of more stuff but they can't reach it and hardly play with it, so it will be next to go. I think yours looks pretty simple
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