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Re: Thrifty kids shoes?

Originally Posted by ltlmrs View Post
So I went to Target today, not really optimistic about finding anything and they had a huge shoe clearance. I signed up for their Red Card (debit not credit) too. I picked up both play shoes and dress shoes for super cheap. It's funny though because there were only one pair each left in the size 12 and they were exactly the styles I was looking for.

Now I don't feel quite so badly over spending the money on the Bogs (rain - the Target ones crack way too quickly for us) and Keens (snow) for her that took a ginormous chunk out of the budget. I will say though, those high end shoes better last and be hand me down worthy. Despite getting both for about half their retail value, I never thought I'd pay so much for children's shoes. I guess I got spoiled by hand me downs and consignment sales.

Love when that happens! Sounds like it was meant to be

Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
Kids feet do not skip sizes, parents miss sizes.
Yes probably.....but growth spurts seem to happen to everyone. My DS2 is really strange how his feet grow. I swear his feet only grow in October and February. I used to bring him in to get his shoes measured for back to school and was shocked one year when his feet hadn't grown since previous time. I give up now on back to school buying and buy when they need instead. I do buy if the store says a 12.5 then I'll get a 1 if I expect it to do him for awhile, like for winter or summer. But same with clothing....many kid can go from a age 4 pants to age 6 without doing a 5....

Originally Posted by ~Laura~ View Post
Target has Converse which my kids love. They don't wear as well but it seems that they're always on sale. Also, Journey's is having shoe sales right now.

I agree to a point. DS1 said his shoes were tight one Monday. I bought him new shoes and two weeks later those were too tight. It was his foot, I measured. If for those two weeks, I had made him wear his rain boots (because we didn't really go anywhere anyway) then he would have 'skipped' sizes. My kids also wear sandals and my DD wears crocs, which seem to fit a larger range. So I wouldn't have noticed a size skip.
Shoes are SO different. I had a big problem with crocs too, just fit way too big.

Originally Posted by Belle View Post
Sometimes different brands of shoes size differently.
^^^^ Pumas are smaller/more accurate, crocs are huge, keens are normal to big I'd say? I usually go by the kids cues, they tell me if it's tight etc. I have a problem with this myself.....I could go up or down a size depending on the brand, very annoying....
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