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Re: Dads rights: naming, circing, etc?

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
Yet the wife has to consent if the man wants a vasectomy. Such a strange double standard.
I didn't give consent to my husband's vasectomy and I would have thought it weird if my consent was required.

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
Naming, again in hospital it is 100% mother's choice. However I was told that in Illinois you have 1 year to legally change a child's name with no charge and few hoops tomjump through. Mother is not required to give consent to a name change. Or so I understood it anyway. That was nearly 14 years ago though so things may well have changed since then. Especially since 911 occurred. Many things have changed since then.
The hospital misspelled my DD's name so it was misspelled on her birth certificate and on her SS card (her name is Christiana and they put Christina on the BC and SSC). DH got it "changed" to the correct name without me having to lift a finger or give consent. He had to make multiple trips to the SS office, though, and make multiple phone calls to Kaiser. He was told that he had 1 year to make the change and after that it is much more difficult to do (it was difficult enough as it was, lol). It didn't cost us anything, either.
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