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Re: In need of good books for 8 year old girl

I was going to suggest anything by Katie DiCamillo (Desperaux, Tiger Rising, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane ect) or Cornelia Funke (Ink Heart, Thief Lord, Igraine the Brave ect) as another poster suggested. My oldest adores the How To Train Your Dragon series and Deltora Quest but he is a boy if that matters. If she likes fantasy there are The Unicorns of Balinore. I'm not sure about Redwall, it is a rather dense series, really depends on her reading ability. I could have read it at 8 but many children would be totally overwhelmed (my oldest probably couldn't do it now at 11). Same thing with Harry Potter, the early books would be fine but some of the later ones get longer and have darker themes than some parents are comfortable with.

Other books I enjoyed at that age were the Albert Peyson Terhune Lad a Dog series as well as James Howe's Bunnicula series. Lad is higher reading level, Bunnicula a bit lower (and certainly funnier). I just liked dog books.

I have a whole collection of Dear America books that are aimed at the 8-13 age range but I have not read them yet (I intend to use them as part of our home schooling curriculum) so I cannot speak as to how good they are. She might enjoy something like that if she likes historical fiction.
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