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Re: In need of good books for 8 year old girl

Originally Posted by tallanvor View Post
Where the Red Fern Grows
Nancy Drew
Dark is Rising series
Hank the Cowdog
Left Behind Kids (based on the Left Behind books, but featuring kids)
Elsie Dinsmore
Esperanza Rising (and other books by the same author)
Misty of Chincoteague and others in that series

I could probably come up with a few dozen more if you need, but those were the ones my oldest liked most at that age. You should also check out the Newberry Award books and ask the librarian.

There aren't a lot of long books at that age. Mostly you have to look for more challenging content, not longer length.
Yes! Omg. Love it. Sometimes when I'm running, I get into the rhythm of that rhyme, "when the dark comes rising, six shall draw it back".

OP, what about poetry as well? 8 is when I started to get really into poems beginning with stuff like "The Highwayman", "The Smuggler's Song" and "Tarantella/Do you remember an inn, Miranda?"
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