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Re: Room sharing

I would have no problem with it. I co-sleep so the baby would be in my bed until at least 2 (probably older because neither of my boys weaned until at least 2.5) and then I would have no problem with a toddler moving in with an older sib. Right now my boys 7 and 11 share a room. They don't even have to share, we have a 3 bedroom house, they just wanted to. The extra bedroom is being used as a playroom. It is convenient, all of the toys in one room and the sleeping area in the other. What I really think it comes down to is that they like being together. We have discussed adopting in the future which would mean our boys sharing a room permanently (unless we eventually finish the rest of our garage and even then I would probably use that for a play room not a bedroom until they were in their teens).
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