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Are you psychic? Early gender tests. What works? Fact or busted??

My wife and I are so excited for our upcoming child and have been going crazy guessing what the gender will be. She is 14 weeks along so the gender is still a mystery. She has been reading about all these crazy tests you can do to predict the gender. Using the Chinese calendar was one of them. The pencil trick was another. What methods/tricks have you tried? Have they worked? What other crazy/wacky methods have you heard about?
Pencil trick:
You take a #2 pencil and stick a needle in the eraser. You thread the needle and holding the thread you let the pencil dangle above your forearm palm up. The pencil will steady itself and then it will start to move. If the movements are side to side it's a boy. If the movements are circular it's a girl.
According to this method we are having a boy. The Chinese calendar also predicts boy as well.

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