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Re: In need of good books for 8 year old girl

Shel Silverstein could be a good choice, too, though it is poetry.

ODD enjoyed books by Jean Craighead George.

Dear America books are okay. There is another historic fiction series about various princesses. I don't recall the name of the series, but if you ask at the library, they should know. There's a book about Cleopatra, and Anastasia, and Eleanor of Aquitaine and others.

We found some of the Cornela Funke books to be a bit dark, though Igraine the Brave was greatly enjoyed.

Peter and the Starcatchers might be a good option. I don't recall how many books are in that series -- 3 or 4, I think.

PPs mentioned quite a few books I had forgotten. Definitely a good list among the posts.

Oh, and yes, Redwall is a bit dense. The audiobook of it is 10 hours or so, so it's definitely lengthy. My oldest, though, fell in love with the series at 8 and owns just about all the books.
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