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Re: Dads rights: naming, circing, etc?

Naming, DH wanted equal say. Boo. And our tastes are completely different. My mom chose all our names. My sister is pregnant and chose the possible names for boy/girl(her husband agreed to them, but he's very agreeable normally). I had to compromise on our youngest child's name.
Vaccines, I did all the research, he let the decision default to me. He didn't put up a fight at all on this one. After sometime, he did do some of his own research and now its a JOINT decision instead of him just letting it default to me.
When it comes to circ, he would have circed my youngest over my dead body. Never came down to that - by the time he was born, he was just a strong an intactivist as I was. Just took some time for him to process the information, step out of denial and face his own mutilation, and heal from there on and choose better for his own sons. It was a whole ordeal, that was for sure, but I've heard of some men that won't listen to reason, and if that had been my DH I would have told him "I will protect my child from anyone that wants to harm him, including any doctor, and even his own father!" It was because I feel this strongly that he did his own research and basically let the decision default to me. Except by the time he researched, there was no decision to make. He realized cutting off normal, necessary, purposeful body parts was barbaric and not a "decision" that should ever be up for debate.

Legally, if I had a husband or my child's father fight me on our decisions, I don't know what I'd do. I would fear for my child's safety if hte decisions were left in the court's hands.
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