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Ezra Hudson

Ezra Hudson was born February 15 weighing 7lbs. 15 oz. 21 1/4 in. Born at 9:40 pm. My due date was March 2, so just a couple weeks early. Here is the story:
6@Last summer, when we found out that we were expecting our second child, I told my husband that I really wanted to have an out-of-hospital birthing experience. My first birth in a hospital was a good experience, I just wanted greater freedom and to be home as soon as possible afterwards. We planned to give birth at The Midwifes Place (a free standing birth center) that is located about thirty minutes from our home.
There were a few nights during my 36 th week of pregnancy where I had contractions for a few hours at night but then they would stop. My first birth had started with my water breaking so I wondered how I'd recognize the start of real labor.
On the 15th I felt an urgent need to do a bunch of cleaning and laundry and organizing in our office. I felt very productive! Right about 5 pm I started having contractions, they were about five minutes apart and a little stronger than the other nights. Within a half hour, I was having to concentrate through each wave, I texted my husband to make sure he was on his way home. I also let my mom know that this might be the night . I also called my doula to let her know that it looked like baby time. Unfortunately my doula was Florida! Since I was only 37 weeks 5 days she wasn't on call for me yet but she quickly arranged for another doula to come in her place. I couldn't really believe how fast things were moving, by 7 pm I was really struggling and telling my mom that I didn't think I could do this and how maybe I wanted an epidural, forget this natural business ( the talk of a woman in transition). My back pain was awful but once the doula arrived, she
got me into a few different positions to move baby into a better position, it worked well! I was really doubting my own instincts about where I was at in labor. Based on the short amount of time I thought maybe early labor or mid labor, but really I was transitioning and we were still at home! The doula (who I had never met until i was in labor) was only there for a short time before she said yes we really need to leave now! As they were trying to walk me to the car I could already feel the baby's head. I was kneeling on the front passenger seat hanging on for dear life and trying not to push as my husband drove. But there's only so much you can do, cause when baby is coming, he's coming! We made it about halfway to the center when I told my husband "this baby is coming NOW his head is out you need to pull over and catch him!" We were driving down the interstate and my husband said he knew this was real cause he saw me pulling my pants off and heard
the water breaking. He pulled over and caught the baby, then we kinda panicked, I mean we had never thought through what to do if baby is born in the car! There was a good hospital where my midwife has privleges only a couple minutes away from where we were at so we decided to go there. We were the excitement of the night for the emergency room staff! I was quickly transferred over to the L&D nurses and my midwife came shortly after that to check on us. I didn't have any tearing this time. We spent the night at the hospital and left the next morning.
I got my out of hospital experience and I learned that I need to trust my intuition in labor rather then over think things! But most importantly I got a sweet, healthy baby boy named Ezra Hudson who will always have quite the story about being born in the car.
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