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Re: In need of good books for 8 year old girl

Originally Posted by mommy24babes View Post
She is very sensitive and I would say immature for her age. There was even a point in one of the Ramona books she stopped reading and I had to encourage her to read past it
She enjoys fantasy and funny books.

She is a very fast reader though. She gets through books so fast and she wants more.
I'm not complaining but our local library has had bed bugs. ( yuck) I would love to be able to buy her a book and have it last her a couple days instead of a couple hours. Lol

Nothing better than seeing your child giggling away at something they are reading.
Keep her away from Where the Red Fern Grows, then! It's one of my favorite books from childhood, but I was a wreck for DAYS after reading it.

I also wanted to add Encylopedia Brown books and The Westing Game. Rebecca Stead's books, Liar & Spy and When You Reach Me are also great.
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