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Re: Anyone decluttering their LIFE?

Yay, welcome!

I like the idea of simplifying life and minimizing the extras that cause stress. We've been doing that gradually and it is really gratifying for us. And as I go I keep finding more things I can be minimalist about.

I do think if you make too many changes too fast it might be a little overwhelming. I wouldn't change anything too drastically that you can't un-do. We're tackling one thing at a time and that has been very helpful. I've found it to be a philosophy change that I probably couldn't have maintained if I did things fast. Instead it came naturally as I decluttered.

If DH isn't on board with it, then you're going to be banging your forehead on a brick wall. My DH can follow the logic and say "that makes sense," but when it comes to simplifying the errands (switching brands), hoping he'll get rid of his "treasures" and going with a simpler phone he looks at me like I'm asking him to cut off a limb. So again, the gradual thing works where he can see the progress and appreciate the benefits. I can tackle things that he will be on board with as his preferences change as well.

In your shoes I absolutely would not sell the car at this point (or anything really drastic). The benefits are not easy to see right away, but the inconveniences you'll notice at first will be very obvious and may cause more resistance and resentment.
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