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Smile Re: Anyone decluttering their LIFE?

Originally Posted by Quickshep19 View Post
Hi! Of course you can join! Welcome.

All of your ideas are good ones but PLEASE before you sell your car, park it for a month & try one car living. I have done it & it is very difficult unless you live somewhere where everything is within easy walking distance. It worked for us ONLY because I had 1 child, the doctor's office was visible from my house and everything else was within a 10 minute walk at the most and it was safe.

Good luck. My kiddos are fighting so I gotta go or else I would write more.

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We did it before when I was working part time and I had to walk a mile to the nearest bus stop. The buses don't run on Sunday here and that was one of the days I worked. And I got pregnant with DS2, so we only lasted a few months. But, we saved sooooo much money. Even more that expected (insurance, maintanence, fuel, car payment). Because I didn't have a car I couldn't run to the store on every whim and we totally cut out drive thru food. Now we live across the street from the school my son will go to next year and the city bus stops at the entrance of our street. Also, I don't work now, so I don't have to worry about commuting. We would definitely keep DH's car and I could never get him to ride a city bus. His car is paid off and gets better gas milage. I figure I could just wait untill he's home in the evening to get groceries, which I like to do anyway so I don't have to take the monsters. I feel like having one car for our family is more environmentally responsible, although not as convinient. And it would force me to really consider adding activities/appointments to mine and my kids' schedules. I mean you really have to want to do it if you have to take two kids on a city bus to get there, haha!
All sounds good in theory, but you're right, it's a big change.
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