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Originally Posted by sandhillcranes

I dont understand. The bunching obviously happens or OP wouldnt have those pics. Im not trying to throw a wet blanket on the new bge lol...but like you said, to me, this is the same as using flats and flips. I was using flats and flips and did have bunching. To me, a $22 diaper shouldnt bunch. Kwim? I know many people have luck with tightening everything only gripe about that is, if I use flips i dont like them to be on super tight bc they leave red marks. That has happened with both my pretty thin and one chunk.
My point is the difference between the two is I can grab & go with one & put together & go with the other. My fave purse diapers for DS were flip w/flats or BG AIOs. So, yes it's a price diff, but moreover a case of convenience!
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