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Originally Posted by Xanders

My point is the difference between the two is I can grab & go with one & put together & go with the other. My fave purse diapers for DS were flip w/flats or BG AIOs. So, yes it's a price diff, but moreover a case of convenience!
True it is more convenient..but there are quite a few aio's in that price range that are just as convenient and dont I dont see why someone would choose to take one that bunches over something (like bottombumpers or grovia) that doesnt. I mean, I understand flips and flats and accepting the bunching bc hey, that is a cheap solution. But bge are not cheap. I guess i am one of those picky people but my daughters skin does get rashy with exposed pul ..i know this bc if we use a bummis pull on, the skin above her diaper (fitted) is slightly rashy. Its not bad enough for me to stop using them all together but i wouldnt use them 24/7 either bc i would imagine itd get worse. Those covers are 6.50 retail. There is no way i would buy a $20+ diaper that did that. To me, you spend over $20 for a single diaper it better be pretty darn close to diaper perfection.

Hope i worded that nicely. Definitely not trying to start a fight over in diaper chatter! Lol
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