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Question **Update***TB testing, do you really need it?

I live in CA and they pretty much make you get TB tests when kids go to school, even preschool. I've tried to research it and I know here in CA there is a wavier for shots and in small print it also says a tb wavier too.

But my child is special needs and he has gone through so many tests and what not that I just don't want to have the TB test done now, maybe a year from now or even 2 years just not now. He is starting preschool (he's 3) and I was told that they are not sure if they can waive the TB testing...the lady is gonna check into it. I mean they let people waive the immunizations, why not TB also??? No one around me seems to understand why I want the TB BIL has already given me a long lecture on it.

Had I of known more about shots I possibly would have held off on them too, but I can not undo what we have already done.

Can anyone here relate to me???
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