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Re: Tell me how you told *less than thrilled* parents

Originally Posted by twinpossible View Post
My hubby and I did the divided up the duty. I told my mom and he told his parents. We know my mom would be happy but worried about me (I had a late term loss before this one). We also knew his parents would not be happy at all unless it turned out to be a boy and then they would change their tune. Honestly, they are STILL nasty about it and this baby is coming in just a few weeks. It's a girl and they were very upset about that too. So all that to say I told them that we are very happy about this baby and hope that they will be too but if not then they do not have to be involved at all. I would rather have loving grandparents or none then grandparents who see my child as a "burden" (their words at Christmas, lovely right?) They just feel that two is enough and having more then two is stupid.
WHOA!? Why did they see her as a burden? Just because you already had two girls???
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