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Re: Reading program for a 5 year old

Honestly, I would just let it go for awhile. She's so young, it isn't worth having a negative experience. Give it a month or two and try again. If she still isn't interested, wait another month or two. If she isn't even kindergarten age yet, there really isn't a rush to do this. Even when she is kindergarten age, there shouldn't be much of a rush.

ETA: I say this as someone who definitely tried pushing reading too soon for my dd (partially at the behest of dh), and it didn't do any good. In fact, I just had to repair her attitude later. We're now nearing the end of her kindergarten year and I can already see how much it didn't matter a year ago when I started this. Frankly, it wouldn't matter a whole lot at this point either, but she finally hit the right spot and picked it up and is loving it.
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