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Re: Aloo Gobi recipe?

Would be glad to, but Im not too good with measures. Also, this is my no mess, no tadka method. Hoping that's ok.

The notes are unnumbered and in blue.

You could saute the pts(potatoes) but that takes time/they will stick to the pan. So I;

1. Boil the potatoes whole in salted water + a tsp of turmeric, till they can be pierced/show slight cracks.

2. Slide the skins off while they are still warm. Cut them into small irregular pieces. Cut the cauliflower florets to a size your kids like. It doesnt matter if they are finger length even, since they cook quite fast.

3. Keep 1 or 2 pts aside to mash. Also save some of the water it boiled in. (make soup the next day with all of the water!)

4.Chop 2 tomatoes. I put them in the chopper for 5 secs or so--I want it with tomato pieces floating.

5. Saute/caramelise(with a bit of sugar) chopped onions in butter. Add garlic-ginger paste, garam masala, dhania powder, slit green chillies, and a tsp of red chilli powder-for the color. Add vegetable oil, so that the powders form a bubbly paste.

If just the garam masala is enough heat for you, then you can totally omit the chillies and the chilli powder. But if you want runny aloo gobhi, you have to add more heat. Red chilli powder is a better bet, because you can add more as it cooks
-keep tasting at each step.

If the pts arent yellow enough, add a hint more of turmeric.

6. Add the tomatoes, simmer for 5mins.

7. Add the pts and gobhi. Cover & simmer for 5 mins.

8. Now add the mashed pts and as much water as you want. Cook for 10mins/until the gobhi is tender.

If you are going to add plain water, then you need to add salt when you put in the gobhi. If you are going to use the boiled salted water, then add the water in that it doesnt become too salty.

Just before serving, taste to see if the tomatoes have been enough to sour it. If not, squeeze a lemon for tartness.
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