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Re: Miquon Math?

Originally Posted by 3rugrats View Post
I am also looking at Miquon, so am subbing this thread!

is your child at the 1st grade level? I've got a child whom I'm looking for K math and wondering if this might be too advanced for K. do you have any thoughts on that?

eta: just read some others' posts and it seems that it works for K too?
Yes I think it'd be great for K as well. Im not sure about actually using Miquon at 5, but the education unboxed site has some games that would be great for that age

Originally Posted by bonusround View Post
I would suggest getting the First Grade Diary too. It was nice to see what should be expected of kids that age generally (at least based on the class). Borrow it from someone if you can, or buy it and resell after reading. Make sure you have C-rods!
So you think I should get just First Grade Diary, or Notes to Teachers too?
Yes, definitely getting the c-rods!! I've seen a couple people saying "I was told the c-rods aren't neccesary" and I'm thinking, "are you serious?!?!" How could you do this without them ??
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