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Re: My successful vbac!

congratulations! So wonderful to hear of success!

Originally Posted by blueyes View Post
Congratulations on the successful VBAC! How do you know if a mother is a candidate for VBAC? I had two C-Sections and if I get pregnant again I would opt for that kind of delivery. Does it depend on the baby's presentation?
generally it depends on WHY the csection was had. For instance, if the mother had placenta previa (placenta covering the cervix) and needed a csection, there's a good chance she wouldn't have that problem again. Or if the baby was breech and the doctors didn't want to deliver breech, there's a good chance the mom wouldn't have that problem again (or could get assistance helping the baby turn).

lots of reasons why csections happen, that is no fault of mom. Cord wraps that cause fetal distress, water broken for 'too long', etc.

usually a mom is not a good candidate if it's something abnormal with her body or the way that her csection incisions were done, etc.

here are a couple good lists:
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