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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 17th - 23rd

Originally Posted by momneedssupport View Post
My bx are so intense that sometimes the tightnesd makes me bend over. Nit painful at all, but def uncomfortable. And it happens all the time. Sweeping and mopping has become very exhausting and uncomfortable bc of them!!

Dh and i havent dtd in over a week, is it me and my huge belly?
Mine were still uncomfortable/painful today, but not in my back like the past couple days.

We dtd still, though not as often as I'd like! (well, him too!) My belly is in the way of most positions, and being on top is nearly impossible because of the pain from SPD, so that only leaves spooning. Not a bad thing, but I'd like some kissing too, lol.

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
Which diapers did you want? The Simplex ones? Hope you find a store that has them!

We are going to look at vans tonight. Theres only 1 that we are pretty serious about buying if the price is right. So we'll see!
Yeah, the nb swaddlebees simplex. I found 4 of the 5 I really want available up here, can only find "stars" from swaddlebees themselves in the US - but they want $33 for shipping... ah... no. Thanks anyways.
I may still get the 4 I can find up here - just debating with the $$.

for luck with the van shopping!

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Which Simplex?? Some prints are very HTF! I ordered the 2 new prints immediately because I loved them and just knew they'd be out of stock if I waited!
I want:
baby bloom

I found all but stars up here on a site/store. Debating whether I really want to spend the $$!

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
Ever since I started drinking the RRL tea, I get pulses of sharp pain across the top of my uterus. Which is where Star's placenta is attached. I dunno.. prolly nothing, but I do wonder where my scar is. Anyone ever deal with placentas on top of uterine scars?
If the RRL tea is causing cramping, I'd stop drinking it. Maybe it's not the best "fit" for your body

I assume you mean the scar from your c-sec? It would be down very low, basically where your outside scar is. Well, assuming you had a normal incision.
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