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Re: Which was more painful overall...

As others are answering for others I will answer for my sister as i have had 2 labors and 3 sections. She said an unmedicated delivery of a 10lb 13oz baby was equally as painful as a c-section. However it was a much, much shorter recovery time. So she said it was totally worht it. She also said delivery of a 7lb baby, also unmedicated, was just as painful when the doctor roughly yanks baby out without allowing the body to adjust.

Her preference is an unmedicated, midwife attended, home birth if this is an option. Her youngest it just wasn't due to prior knowledge of medical issues with baby. Hence the rough doctor delivery.

A friend also had both. She said the natural delivery was less painful. She wished she hadn't let the doctor convince her it would be best to deliver her youngest by c-section.

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