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Re: new BGE Vs. Flip (and action shots) *UPDATED use pics

You know what the new BGE seems like to me? A rip off. I am a huge fan of BG products for their quality and durability (I have Flips, 4.0s, 3.0s, original BGEs), and while I find the pricing on the upper side of fair, know that I can rely on BG for my son, and that peace of mind does hold some value.
While hesitant to pay $25 for an original BGE, I find it to be a "luxurious" and comfortable diaper--there is a LOT of organic cotton in those things. To pay the same for this diaper seems a joke--why couldn't they throw in a single layer of organic cotton to line the PUL, like on the original BGE? I don't get it. The only reason I can see is to save money, and while I do appreciate that the diaper is USA-made and that may drive the cost up a bit, I don't think I could help but feel slightly taken advantage of should I purchase this diaper
PHEW! I really don't need any more diapers anyway!
Are there any other AIOs with exposed PUL?
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