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Re: Which was more painful overall...

I've never had a C-section and was really against them prior to having my son, unless medically necessary. I figured the healing time after a C-section would be really painful.

I had a midwife-attended natural, non-medicated vaginal birth. My son was a frank breech and the pain of delivery was as bad as I expected but you are so high off wanting to see your baby that it's really fine.

However, because my son was a surprise breech in a hospital setting, the midwives had to follow protocol and page a doc. This young obgyn came flying in, panicked when she say my son's butt, pushed my midwives aside, and gave me a huge epsiotomy....

edited to add: I didn't vote because I haven't experienced both, but just wanted to say that vaginal births can hurt for months, too.

I sat on ice packs for a week straight pretty much. It was 8 weeks before I could walk more than a block without pain, 8 months before the daily pain and feeling of ripping when I moved went away.

My son is 10 months old and I still have considerable pain that stops me from doing things recreationally...not sure it will ever go away?? Scared to contemplate ever having sex again, frankly.(yes, it's THAT bad.)

He is worth it and I am am glad his head didn't get stuck but if I ever have another baby (not likely) it will be by elective C-section.

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