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I need some outside perspective

I have 2 kids on the autism spectrum. So its pretty much a given that I am paranoid about kid #3. DS2 just turned 13 months and I am legitimately worried about him...I need to hear from others to know if I am just being paranoid or if I'm right to be worried.
Here is the rundown:
-does not wave hello/goodbye
-says mama and dada but no other words
-isn't pointing
-isn't using any other gestures like shaking head
-doesn't like being read to
-screams to be held allllllll the time. Little interest in playing for the most part because he would rather just be in my lap.

Things that are great:
-fine and gross motor seem to be right on target.
-eats everything, no food sensory issues like my other 2
-great eye contact
-likes peek a boo

I fear that the things he does have, he will lose when he hits 15-18 months. My other two were still on target with development at 12 months, then regressed. So I know what a typical kid at this age is like and I'm just not seeing him as typical right now...i feel more like he is a 9 month old or something. Which makes me fear that he will regress and end up even worse off.

Am I crazy? Am I so used to dealing with special needs that I'm seeing a problem where it doesn't exist? Our am I being realistic, especially considering family history?
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