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We had panned a birth center birth with our first, but were risked out due to pre-e. Laboring at home for as long as possible is great, but absolutely wasn't an option for us as I needed to be monitored a little more closely. I didn't have a birth plan for the hospital since I hadn't been planning on going there, but since we had a midwife instead of an ob, we were treated differently, with less intervention by the nurses. I had been expecting a long labor (16 plus hours of contractions) and had a short labor (less than 5 hours of contractions) and when I hit transition I thought "This is impossible. I physically can't do this for 10 or 12 more hours" so I asked to talk about pain medication. The nurse that came in told me exactly what my options were and what the side effects were and how each option could affect the baby. That was the most helpful thing ever! It helped me decide that I could wait another hour and then I was pushing within an hour. Because she really took the time to lay out the side effects of each drug, I was able to make a clearly informed choice about what I wanted. If we were to have a hospital birth again, that is the biggest thing I would put in my birth plan.
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