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Re: Which was more painful overall...

I was lucky enough to do both. The C sec hurt a LOT more in the recovery period. It took me about 3-4 weeks to feel like I could even function (like control my body temperature, regulate my blood sugar, think straight without writing everything down, go without the prescribed pain meds.) I actually asked for another week of the prescribed pain meds bec ibuprofen wasn't keeping me funcitonal enough to feed myself and the baby, much less do the rest of it.

With my natural birth, it was closer to 2 weeks and I was functional again. If I remembered to use my peri bottle and sit on a boppy, I was largely pain-free within a few days. This was my VBAC, too. I could manage my overall pain levels with just ibuprofen/tylenol as long as I stayed on top of it. And I had tearing that required stitches.
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