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Re: What is the difference between Singapore Math U.S Ed and Standard Ed?

Originally Posted by 7mom7 View Post
I appreciate this thread...I've wondered about this too. I'm pasting this quote from the link above...

"It is similar to the US Edition but has some rearrangement of topics and some added units, primarily in probability and data analysis, negative numbers, and coordinate graphing. "

So maybe the Standard version is the way to go?
My understanding is that there are many people who feel this is not needed in the younger grades. Children will still learn it, but not until slightly older. I don't really know where I fall in thinking they should or should not have it at a younger age. I choose US because from what I've seen it is more popular (though that could simply be because it's been around longer) and because it is what the makers of the boxed curriculum I use suggests. They fall into the category of thinking children don't need it until later. So far, their suggestions have always been good for us. But, I have thought about changing. I'm totally on the fence though.
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