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Re: What is the difference between Singapore Math U.S Ed and Standard Ed?

Originally Posted by blondeviolin View Post
The HIG in standards provides mental math practice, games, appendices with sheets, but I've heard where it really shines in instructions to the teacher. There are samples of each on the SM site.

There are answers in the HIG to workbook problems, but no tests. There ARE reviews in both the text and workbook. We're finishing up 2b and have had no need for the tests.
I'll have to look at the examples specifically of the Standards HIG. What you say is all included in the US Edition as well. I will admit that every now and again I have to read the HIG instructions a couple times before I understand exactly what it's trying to have me do. I assumed it was just me having been out of school for so long and not at all being a teacher yet trying to teach math. I'll have to check it out on their site.

ETA - The sample pages on the website are EXACTLY the same as mine, word for word and picture for picture including the answer key. The only difference was the page number and the pages of the textbook/workbook listed to do (but the answers were the same suggesting the corresponding work is the same as well). I have the US Edition and I was looking at the Standards example online (I double checked to make sure). So, at least I feel better now that I don't think I have an inferior HIG. I'm still not sold on which edition we should be using though.
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