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Originally Posted by MarchMama2010

I completely understand this line of thought! My first was a c-section after a couple days of labor, my second was a failed VBAC after being in labor for the best part of 3 days. I don't know whether I'm going to try for a VBA2C with the next one; as much as I want/wanted an unmedicated vaginal birth, I don't love my odds at this point. I'd rather be well-rested for a scheduled c-section than end up having a c-section after 3 days of labor and no sleep whatsoever.
((HUGS)). I have a similar experience. I long for a natural birth, but I have no faith that another hospital medicalized birth will get me there (not to mention vbac/vbamc options are getting very slim here). And hubby isn't game for a home birth (and is generally more comfortable with an elective rcs this time). So...18 days to my first scheduled c/s.
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