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Re: Which was more painful overall...

For me,
my c/s recoveries not counting this last one with dd2 were both very super easy, I was back to feeling normal that same week both times, was back to cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and out shopping by the end of that week and I felt comepletely fine, it was pretty great for me to not be in pain like with my first birth. Now my first delivery was an un-medicated vaginal birth and no way would I ever ever want to go through that ever again. If I was to only be able to do vaginal births, my ds1 would be an only child, the birth and recovery were awful and so very hard and as I said before, i would never want to experience that again.
My last c/s with my dd2 was harder than my others and recovery was longer this time around, it wasn't like my last two easy c/s recoveries, and even with that, I would still choose a c/s over a vaginal birth.
The experiences are just different for everyone.
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