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Re: Talk to me about wetbags.

I use a pail liner for home use. I put it in a normal trash can with a lid next to my changing table. The lid has a button where I can open it - around that lid are cracks where the pail can "breathe". I use planet wise and have been very happy with the quality. I have 2 of these. 1 for active use - then it goes in the laundry with my dirty dipes and I can put the second one on. I do not separate any parts of my diapers.

I have medium sized wetbags - 3 of these - for my diaper bag. These hold about 3 or so diapers. I have 2 that are larger for longer days out. They hold tons of diapers - 6 or more.

I have 2 wipes wet bags. I put the wipes in wet and leave them there. Whenever its time for diaper laundry, I change out the wipes bag and wash the one that has been in use. I have never had a problem with this system.

I HIGHLY recommend NOT cheaping it on your wetbag purchases!!! You TOTALLY get what you pay for in a wet bag. If you buy good quality, they will for sure last you through one kids. If you buy cheap, you will be replacing them before your child is potty trained.

If you choose to buy used - only buy name brand and buy in EUC or better.

Brands that I have chosen to stick with - leslies, planet wise, monkey foot.

There may be other good brands, but any time I have steered away from those, I have regretted it!
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