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Re: Basically it's Monday

Originally Posted by ~whitehologram~ View Post

I think it's ok to take to work still. It'll look better with the icing.
Looks delicious!!

Originally Posted by jwjbbrown View Post
It is Kari but also not shocking. Both have fathers with drinking problems. It really is a part of life for many of our kids. The best we can do is give them the tools they need to make better choices.

Originally Posted by ~whitehologram~ View Post
It's hard because I have a Real (the UK version) school qualification and Heiner has Haupt school qualification.

I can see his point in that he wants the best for her but is it the best? I mean, ok...she's clever but it's not enough to be clever. You have to want to do the work. You have to push yourself through school and want to do the best work you can...and that's not Shannon.

I have a super work ethic. Heiner doesn't...Shannon doesn't either. We have had to push her all the way though primary school and often it's been a battle. It's really not been easy. I just cant imagine how had it'd be to push her though this too.

But Heiner thinks it's different in the Real school. He thinks it's more hands-on and doing more stuff yourself so he thinks that will motivate her. In the Haup school the kids never got to do any science experiments or build things. I did in my school.

I just dont know...This is one of the biggest decisions we're going to make for her because it really will have an influence on the rest of her life and I really dont want to choose.
Sounds difficult. On one hand pushing her might overwhelm her. I know you have had difficulties getting her to do her work already. On the other hand the other school sounds like a better education for her.
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