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Re: Dealyed speech in three year old

No suggestions :/
My second child also has an incredible speech delay, will be 3 in a month. He says maybe 12 words tops that anyone could understand. He says about twice that many in ways that I personally have come to understand but most people wouldn't think to be anything.
He says "ahhh" to EVERYthing, all the time.
We started the process of EI quite a while ago. He has been in HeadStart, has been seeing a speech therapist for a year now, has had multiple evaluations done, hearing checked by a very good specialist, etc. We have no answers.
He has no history of ear, nose, or throat concerns. He was born with a posterior tongue tie, but that should not effect his speech this heavily and he has outgrown his other issues with the condition. He does have some sensory integration issues but nothing points towards a developmental delay or other condition.
Sign language was not working out for us.
Perhaps there is a huge key piece we are missing. Or, perhaps he has chosen not to put as much effort into learning speech as most children do. He is otherwise happy and healthy.
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