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Re: 16 month old in body cast

Originally Posted by solarbabies View Post
I had a body cast when I was about 3. I broke my femur. As far as I know I didn't do much moving mom explains that my hair was just a disaster from laying on it all day (my dad watched me, he didn't brush my hair) So I assume I didn't move much. There are pics of my on my tummy and side playing with toys on the floor (don't have those pics though)

Here are some pics...maybe it will help give you an idea. Though this was in 1990, so things may have changed. If it helps you feel better...I don't remember it AT ALL! And I was older than your son is now. So at least you can know that he may be uncomfortable and have no fun and it may be a REALLY long 6 weeks, but he won't remember it!
Thank you for the pics! Unfortunately, this isn't his first surgery and it won't be his last. He won't remember this one, but he'll be older next time.
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