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Re: Unschoolers Check-In

Originally Posted by lizgrace07 View Post
We are unschoolers. I've found some good groups on facebook... one for unschoolers in our local metro area and one for Catholic unschoolers. But I'd chat here too.
Oh, I didn't know there was a Catholic Unschoolers group; what's it like? I'm requesting to join now. Feel free to PM me if you'd like!

Originally Posted by AmberP View Post
Thanks, I will check them out =) I have tried several times not to be a radical unschooler, but I pretty much failed at it. I'm about ready to sell all of the curriculum I've purchased and be done with it.
Ha, resistance is futile. Just drink the organic vegan protein shake already. ;-) At this point, I've only read about radical unschooling—what's the difference between radical and "regular" unschooling? Are those who don't consider themselves radical just less likely to incorporate the principles into certain aspects of their family life (e.g., less flexible with bedtime negotiations)?
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