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Re: TTC 30+ 2/22-3/22 makin' turkeys.

Originally Posted by katiecornflakes View Post
Yay for the great news around here!!

For those of you who have done vaginal progesterone, I have a question. I put it in, lay down for 10 or 15 min and then go about my day. Somewhere around an hour after I put it in, I get this huge gush of watery fluid. It's almost like I've peed my pants! Is this normal? I think the meds should have absorbed by that point but it's weird. I do think I'm getting them since my LP was normal last cycle, but thought I'd see if anyone has experienced this lovely phenomenon!
yes, it's normal for it to kind of glurp out...but i think most of what comes out is the melted covering (are you taking prometrium?)...and i would just take it orally at night (great sleep aid) and vaginally during the day. just make sure it gets up nice and high by your cervix.

and sherrill, great numbers!! that is very exciting. of course you can hang out here until you feel more sure...but yay for you guys! that was some quick turnaround.
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