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Re: Eeek! Was this asthma!?!?!

Mama!!! Sounds a lot like RSV or Croup. My 4 yr old DD still gets croup at least 2-3 times a year...which is then usually followed by pneumonia a week or two later It is scary when they wake up gasping & struggling to breath! We had our worst attack last year - DD was taken by ambulance to the local children's hospital. My pediatrician has recommended to either take DD into the bathroom and run the shower so to steam up the bathroom or if it's cold outside to bundle her up and take her out in the cool air. I usually try one of those first, however, 8 out of 10 times we wind up in the ER. Albuterol does nothing for DD during an initial the poster above, DD has to have either oral or IV steroids to kick it They are now looking at a diagnosis of asthma. Hope your little one gets to feeling better!
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