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Re: Anybody homeschooling a preschooler?

Originally Posted by erin_c_odonnell View Post
We just read, read, read at this age. We do numbers, write our names, basic stuff that's free and play on a lot (free). Other than that this is a good age for just play- based learning. Doesn't need a heavy schedule etc. fun age so just enjoy
This! This! Absolutely this!

We tried a more formal approach even though all the experienced moms said it was unnecessary. They were right. I still try to guide his play but it's very relaxed. We play lots of games to practice counting, listening to directions and waiting your turn. We have go fish decks with letters instead of a traditional deck and we play it with the letter name or the sound they make. Lately he's been obsessed with our retractable measuring tape so we measure everything.

We read a lot. We go to storytime every week which he loves and that has really fostered an excitement to go to the library.

We do lots of fine motor activities. He loves playdough and painting and legos. Legos are great for math as well. I'll make patterns and have him keep the pattern going.
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