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Re: Help, in pain from pinched nerve in neck!

Thanks ladies. It's horrible still! No sleep and this is day 10!! I'm so very tired. I'm gaining weight because I'm just not moving around, and because I'm depressed, I've ate more. Plus, being awake at night, I've gotten hungry, so I eat another meal in the middle of the night. If I don't, I get nausiated and the neck, shoulder, arm, and back pain intensifies.

My husband felt my upper back the other day and he said he actually felt lumps and it freaked him out and he stopped. Knowing I have lumps is freaking me out!

I go see my primary to get some help today. Maybe she'll have ideas. She's also an OB (just not my OB).

I had a huge exam and practical in Anatomy and physiology yesterday and I didn't even know it was for yesterday! I thought it was for wed. Man, that really upset me, and I wasn't ready for it. Plus, we had to look in 20 different microscopes, plus several models to identify things, and just bending down each thing to look at it, OWCH! My writing looked like a first graders writing at best.

I have such a busy day today, going to MOPS, then WIC, then my primary, and I have to hitail back home in time for the kids to get off the bus.
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