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Re: 2WW ~ Anyone????

Originally Posted by beckstar View Post
homebirthmom, what a crazy saga...and im sorry, i dont remember you posting about your loss. that is sad news.

as for your it possible to ovulate with residual hcg in your system? i would think you wouldn't start ovulating until that is gone...if that is the case, and you had light tests last week, this could still be hcg from your m/c. you say you ovulated 14 days after you began bleeding...was your miscarriage complete? sorry for the 20 questions, just trying to get a handle on stuff. you are very knowledgeable about pregnancy, etc. so clue me in!

all that said, the tests you are showing do appear darker...what a ride!
I started bleeding back in Jan. everything finally passed tho 4 weeks ago. i had a barely there test on a IC 2 weeks ago and ovulated only 10 days ago. i had tested a hcg test that day and a ovu test and the OVU was bright + and the hcg was so faint it was a squinter. the next day I had a - ovu test.
you can indeed ovulate with low hcg in your system. I posted a few sites with woman after woman getting blood testing and getting pregnant 10-14 days within even a 14 weeks loss and still small amounts of hcg in system (usually under 20 miu). also women can get pregnant after a full term birth and we know those possible 300,000 miu of hcg probably doesnt all drop out w in 2 weeks. its all crazy but things like this happen. moms can even ovulate again while pregnant

Im taking a test here soon. so hoping it will be darker

UPDATE: all the walmart tests are gone in my city. NOOOO! I cant tell progression now.

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