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Re: Best fitted diaper patterns?

That was me that sent Barbara the diapers. What I liked about Rainy days is that they conserve a lot of supplies because they go for two sizes. The size 1's were my most reached for newbie diapers. Great absorbency and trim. The size 2's were a little big from the start on a non-walker but as soon as my babies were walking they were fitting better. So I would go for those if you need to stay thrifty on your supplies, don't have time to sew up an entire stash for each size and want more bang for your buck.

The Darling diapers, man I loved those. They fit my babies great, no matter what their shape was. Just perfect. My favorites were the front snapping. Not too much fabric between the legs and just enough coverage on the bum and the back was raised/front dipped just enough that my babies were always comfy in them. The side snapping ones also turn out really nice! I also agree that the instructions are great. It can be a little intimidating if you're just getting started sewing diapers but I learned a lot of really great tricks reading those.
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