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First of all , so sorry!! There is definitely something wrong with them, not you. There is no reason to be that way with a child or adult no matter what color they are or what they wear or drive!! I had the same experience with one homeschool group here. A mom sent out an email to the whole group to meet her at a movie. I responded that I'd meet her and she UNinvited me saying my kids were too young and would 'ruin' the movie for her kids. It made me cry too. Movie theatres are public places too and my kids are very good, better than hers in the behavior dept. I was in their co-op and in the preschool. I had my baby in a sling on my chest and a large three year old boy had a diaper full of poo I was unable to change well. I found the mom who was in the elementary room and asked her for her help/ she was on break and it was her kid! She gave me such a nasty look and said it was my job and walked away! Needless to say, I never went back and left the group forever! Just nasty people. They were all 'Christian' too in their heads. No fruits there IMO. I joined another one and they were nicer but still a little weird socially, but nice at least. I just put my kids in dance classes at the YMCA and met friends there. Church activities could provide friends or a flag football, soccer group, swimming class, etc. I pray you find some friends because I got really lonely homeschooling with a husband working all the time. I know how you feel. So sorry. Don't give up. Leave the mean ones to themselves and keep looking for new activities. One will be a good fit I'm sure. Good luck!
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