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My 7yo currently carries official diagnoses of high functioning Autism, PDD NOS, ODD. We need to enroll in EFMP with military (Dh is active duty). We have a 504 meeting tomorrow at school and are hoping to have all paperwork turned in within a week or so.

Thing is, we 'supposedly' have one year left here and are hoping to relocate back to Camp Pen where we have access to his old therapists (she's still there) and much more. His ped here doesn't have an established history with him, just a parent reported history and well child visits. We haven't been able to find suitable behavioral therapy for him because of where we are and the limited available (nearby) resources. I'm worried the paperwork won't be accurate and will be lacking in his realistic needs because we haven't established a history of care here. His dr is wonderful But I wish he had the benefit of the last 5 years with DS.

Can any mamas who have experience with EFMP walk me through this?

What does this do for him/us?
Will it be beneficial or restricting?
What do I need to know about the program?

This stuff is hard to sort through and I feel so lost in it all. Thanks.
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