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Re: Need Advice

They could be snobs. They could be a really "clicky" group. There is one hsing group here that I've met with several times and no one EVER talks to me. I leave feeling like I never should have gone. Im really shy though so I know IM acting weird and kinda antisocial too.
One thing to remember is that THEY are not the end all be all of hsing groups. You could find another one, or start another one.

I'd start with introducing myself though. Maybe at the next meeting just decide you dont give a rip what these ppl think, walk up and say "hey! Im kinda new to the group and a little shy so I havent talked much to anyone yet. how are you, whats your name, how old are your kids, blah blah"
One thing to make convos a little easier (Im ridiculously shy, so sometimes just saying hi to someone can have me in tears) but it really does help to make the conversation all about the other person. Ask a lot of questions. Ppl love to talk about themselves
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