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Re: Throwing an adoption 'shower' or party?

We actually had an adoption party last summer for my son. It was more of a general party in my sons honor. We made it a big to do with ballons and catering and everything. We invited about 100 people, mostly close family & friends of ours & my parents. We did recieve gifts, but my mom wanted to make a point that gifts were not requested. We sent out an invite focusing on him. I would not call it a shower. Most likely if they are adopting from fc they have majority of what they need. They have gotten stuff as they needed it. I think some ideas are do a guest book of some sort. We did a thumbprint tree and I hung it up after the fact. I would defenatly suggest either hiring a photographer or having a person willing to be the designated photographer. That is the one thing I wish we had more of-photos. Also a wonderful gift idea is a professional photo shoot of the new family. That is also the one thing we "still" haven't done almost 6 months later
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