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We eat mainly vegetarian too, sometimes vegan. A few months ago I started using The Fresh 20 meal plans (vegetarian). I love it! Being short on time is much easier to handle with the plans. They tell you exactly what you can prepare ahead of time, give you specific grocery lists, and are pretty easy recipes. The cost is actually pretty cheap to me since I get extra time on my own now.

Before the meal plans (and even now when I like to change things up) I do lots of other dishes like:
Nachos with guacamole, beans, soy chorizo, corn, veggies, etc
Soy chorizo and eggs with tortillas
Breakfast for dinner, like pancakes or waffles with fruit
African peanut stew
Lentil soup
Black bean sweet potato burritos
Veggie pizza
Thai veggie and peanut noodles

The list goes on!
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