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Re: Was it hard for you to find a 12-15 passenger van?

Originally Posted by spencerrn View Post
We found ours on Ebay. I did have to fly to Detroit(8 hours away) and drive it back but it was an awesome deal 2001 Ford Econoline with under 30,000 miles. We watched Ebay for along time. We paid $9,000 I think a year ago. My favorite features are vinyl floor and vinyl seats. They clean up so easily!

We have 5 in car seats too. We bought a 15 passenger but took the back seat out for cargo space.
That is a good deal. We've been looking on Ebay as well as CL, car dealerships etc.... and nothing.

We actually called about 6 different vans we saw online this a.m. and they were all sold! We;ve just been w/out a car payment and paid cash for over 10 years now and was really hoping not to have one but am starting to think it may be unavoidable. DH keeps saying we have time (which we do have 3 half-4 mths til LO will make hi or her appearence. Was just hoping to have everything set long before then KWIM? I just hate last minute stuff!
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