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My Murphy's law birth story

So, I'll start this by saying my original plan included a birthing center, Doppler monitoring and all natural everything but that didn't happen, here's my birth story.

After careful consideration of my gd diagnosis and some other factors I decided to give up the birthing center and get induced, still went in with the mind set of " as natural as possible" being my plan.

Got to hospital 9pm 2/20/13
Midwife checked cervix 10pm
1cm, 40, medium unfavorable
Started cervidil 11pm
No sleep, tried Benadryl at 1:30am, no help, morphine 6:30am, finally slept, up at 10:30am
Foley bulb 11:20am
Water broke 12:25pm
Foley bulb out 2:10pm
Started pitocin 7pm
Built up to 10 milliunits/hr
Monitors keep messing up and nurses forced me to stay in bed and lay on my side. I had a little anxiety attack because being forced to lay down on my side made the contractions worse, and I felt trapped. Eventually the midwife came in and rescued me, she saw how upset I was and let me get on my feet to help me manage the pain
Baby starts to have decells after contractions, started O2
Stopped pitocin 10:30pm to give baby a rest so he can adjust better to labor.
Checked cervix
3cm, 90 effaced
Things calmed down, contractions slowed and became easier to manage, decided to try visualization, helped A LOT
Restarted pitocin 1am at half dose, never went up from there.
Got morphine to rest 2:10am, 4cm dilated Daddy napped too
Woke up 4am
Started to Drift in and out of consciousness with contractions
Decided to bite the bullet and get an epidural 8:25am
Cervix 6.5cm and 100
Not sure when these happened, but at some point they gave me an internal contraction monitor and then convinced me to get an internal baby one too because they weren't sure what they were seeing on the externals.
First attempt at epi took an hour and didn't work, they decided to come back with an ultrasound to do it again.
After 17 hours of contractions, epidural received at 12pm 2/22/13
Midwife hoped epi would let my body relax and get labor going because baby was still having a few decells here and there.
Decells became consistent, baby's heart started to decelerate after every contraction lead to urgent csection started around 1pm

Micah Franklin was Born 2/22/13 at 1334 7lb 3oz 51cm

After the birth, things didn't calm down, baby inhaled meconium had to be deep suctioned, took 2.5 mins to cry, and was rushed to the NICU... So much for skintoskin...
Then mom had violent shaking and a tacicardic episode,
Baby got chest Xrays, blood tests, and formula due to low blood sugar.
Mom got an EKG, and close monitoring for a few hours.
After 4 hours baby was released from the NICU and brought to mom, finally got to hold my baby boy, and breast feed.

In the days since then... Things have continued to be crazy, baby has been mostly ok, on prophylactic antibiotics, and unfortunately also had high bilirubin, so has to be under the lights, which sucks, but our hospital has this sack thing instead of the big light, it lets us hold him a lot more if we want to since there's a part that you can remove and lay on him or him on it, but baby also had markers for infection, no fever but they extended antibiotics till Friday, also attempted to do an LP this morning to rule out meningitis but couldn't get any fluids,
Mom spiked a 103 fever, meanwhile, O2 levels were low, blood oressuee was low, and has had high heart rate since the delivery, all this lead to a fear of a clot, got an ultrasound, EKGagain and CT scan... All negative fir heart attack or clot. Tested positive for a UTI, and other signs point to a nonspecific post operative endometriosis, so mom was on antibiotics too, till she went 48 hours without fever,

which ment she was discharged yesterday. Hospital is still "boarding" her as she is breastfeeding(very well might I add). Baby is improving daily and is almost back up to birth weight!!! He's needed his IV re-run twice which is super hard since one of the times he had to be stuck like 7 times, and nurses put a paci in his mouth without moms permission when she was right there!! (Mom is very pissed about that). However all in all, it's almost over, peds has baby on antibiotics twice a day till Friday morning, and then he will be released!!!
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